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Forte dei Marmi Just 40 minutes south of Casa Lucia is the elegant beachside resort of Forte dei Marmi, located along the northern Tuscany coast between the Marinas of Ronci and Pietrasanta, in an area known as Versilia.   The beautiful sandy beaches in this area are characterized by clean water, interesting villages, and a background of the spectacular Apuan Alps.  Forte dei Marmi was one of the first beach resorts in Italy, begun at the turn of the century, and it became instantly popular with royalty and the rich “beautiful people.”  Today, it is still an elegant, though low-key, resort catering to the rich and beautiful.

Leather GoodsThe town of Forte dei Marmi has at its centre a marble fortress built in 1788, around which, on Wednesdays, a large outdoor market flourishes until 1 p.m. in the afternoon.  This market is famous for its deals in designer clothing and accessories, and has become a destination for the most discerning fashionista and the bargain hunter.


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