Catering Services by Danilo and Elysa

September 13th , 2011 → 7:50 pm @ Susan

Danilo and Elysa are local chefs who have been catering for Casa Lucia guests for the past four years. They offer a range of local specialities, many of which they cook in the traditional wood-fired pizza oven.
For a fabulous evening at home, local chefs Danilo and Elysa will come to Casa [...]


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Getting around by Train

April 20th , 2011 → 10:11 am @ Susan

Train travel in Italy
Sometimes it’s nice to leave the car at home and ‘let the train take the strain!’  Train travel in Italy is easy and affordable and, Aulla-Lunigiana station -  just twenty minutes away from Casa Lucia – is the major station for the Lunigiana region with high-speed train services to cities all over Italy and regional trains to hundreds [...]


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Local Museums

April 20th , 2011 → 12:46 am @ Susan

There are several local Museums that are worth a visit.   Please note that most of the information in these museums is in Italian, although some have a little English.  For more information, click on either the name of the museum or the accompanying website link where available and use the translation function if necessary.  [...]


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Local Restaurants

April 19th , 2011 → 6:20 pm @ Susan

Generally, restaurants are open from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19.30pm to 22:00 (pizzerias are normally open till much later). You will often find that a large restaurant is entered through a small bar at the front and from the outside looks as if there is no restaurant there at all, don’t [...]


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Making Pizza in the traditional wood-fired Pizza oven

November 14th , 2010 → 5:45 pm @ Susan

One of the main features of Casa Lucia is the beautiful traditional wood-fired pizza oven.  We make sure there is always a plentiful stock of wood for our guests, and there are always plenty of herbs in the herb garden next to the oven to add to your personal concoctions.   Making pizzas is a wonderful and healthy [...]


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The ferry from Lerici to Cinque Terre and Portovenere

August 20th , 2010 → 12:12 am @ Susan

Just 40 minutes away, Lerici on the coast is a lovely little town with a bustling beach culture, a lively outdoor market and some fabulous little restaurants and bars.  It is also a starting point for the ferries to Cinque Terre and Portovenere.  The ferry trip across the Bay of Poets is really beautiful and you [...]


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Food of the Lunigiana

August 19th , 2010 → 5:51 pm @ Susan

Casa Lucia is situated in the area known as the LUNIGIANA, a triangle of Tuscany squeezed between Liguria and Emilia.  For hundreds of years pilgrims and merchants travelled throughout this region – indeed, the Francigena that runs through many of the villages of the Lunigiana was the major pilgrimage route in medieval times between Rome and [...]


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Local Amenities

June 28th , 2010 → 7:20 pm @ Susan

Amenities in the area (Gragnola, Fivizzano and Pallerone)
Di per di Express, Gragnola (Mon-Sat 7:45-12:30 and 4:00-7:30 pm) – closed Weds pm & all day Sunday.  Good deli, butcher and bread counters.  Much more comprehensive than it looks from the outside.
Punto, Fivizzano (Mon-Sat 07:30-2:00 / 3:30-7:30 (Sun 8:30-12:30).  Good deli, butcher and bread counters.
Doro Century, Pallerone [...]


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Castello dell’Aquila (Eagle’s Castle), Gragnola

April 16th , 2010 → 12:02 am @ Susan

The Castello dell’Aquila, a mighty fortified stronghold adapted to residence by the Marquises Malspina , dominates Gragnola, the medieval village situated at the confluence of the streams Aulella and Lucido, and the closest village to Casa Lucia.  The castle’s origin is uncertain, but it was probably erected to control the Medieval road network that had [...]


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Nearby Outdoor Markets

April 13th , 2010 → 1:52 am @ Susan

We are lucky enough to have many outdoor markets nearby.  Whether you want to buy some fresh porcini mushrooms, some local cheeses and hams, or a leather purse and a pair of jeans, the markets of the region are the places to go for some lively shopping.  Times indicated in brackets are approximate driving times [...]


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